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Enjoy wonderful panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and the Adriatic Sea.

Savelletri Home to some of Puglia’s most luxurious masseria hotels, but, at heart still a pretty laid-back fishing town.

Car Rental From the airports, we recommend renting a car – there is nothing like a road trip to a new land, and it would be useful for bringing you from one beautiful spot to the other. Wedding Day (24 June 2017) We will be offering our guests a shuttle service between nearby hotels and the venue.

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Don’t miss its tiny and postcard-pretty beach and the outstanding gelato!

The name Maliku is thought to have been derived from the Arab trader's term for the island, Jazirat al-Maliku Minicoy islanders have long settled in the Nicobar Islands across the Bay of Bengal.

These settlers regularly travelled back to Minicoy.

Native wildlife is featured on this set of seven unofficial 2011 dated coins from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Over the years the indigenous inhabitants have been almost completely wiped out by disease, land encroachments and punitive military expeditions. The story of Pegasus begins when Perseus is sent to kill one of the three Gorgons – Medusa who had writhing snakes instead of hair.

The territory, located in the Indian Ocean, consists of 572 islands, of which just 38 are permanently inhabited. Most of the few hundred that remain maintain a steadfast independence, refusing all outside contact. It was said that anyone unfortunate enough to gaze on her face would turn to stone.

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