White only dating site

Russell's views and comments have fueled internet outrage, to the point that what he's doing feels a bit like performance art; he may even be saying stereotypically racist things to incite anger and draw more attention to his site.The reason people are talking about the dating site is that there doesn't seem to be a need for it.He added that the company wants a diverse clientele.“We want all races to join if they want to, if they like what we have to offer. If they want to go some place else, I’m sorry they didn’t give us a chance, but we’d love to have everyone sign up.”Indeed, upon signing up, members can choose various races or creeds.

There are so many niche dating sites for just about everything because those things are hard to find. Try finding another furry by simply asking "Are you a furry like me? Hitting on the wrong dude in a bar when you're a gay man like me could get you beat up.

Sometimes it's hard to find what you want out there in the world, or to find someone that wants what you offer.

That's why almost 91% of single people in the US have tried online dating.

Russell first came up with the idea five months ago, while spending a sick day home from work.

He and Jodie, his wife of four years, were fascinated by the commercials for dating websites such as “Black People Meet,” “Farmers Only,” “Christian Mingle,” and "LDS (Latter Day Saints) Singles" on daytime television.

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