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But that's not to say she's always a homebody — cast members often go out together, and Leighton's been written up in New York gossip columns for "downing tequila shots" and making out with abandon at nightclubs.

"The evil side of Blair is somewhere in me," she muses, "but acting her out is like therapy.

They're always away from home or stuck in the middle of nowhere shooting, with little time to meet people.

Plus, they're famous, and muggles often get freaked out by famous people.

"I never wear makeup when I'm not at work," she explains.

"It can make you forget what you look like, and I've grown to really love the way I look without it."Sound surprisingly unsnotty? In fact, the night before, she ordered in burgers and watched Home Alone 2 with a friend.

For this list, we're only including official relationships rather than rumours or one-off flings, and only couples who met on a show where their characters also dated.

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PHOTOS: Secret celeb weddings And though he was surprised by the quick engagement, he continued, "It's not my life. I think she's fantastic, and she's a good friend of mine.They split in July 2012 after Kristen was spotted locking lips with director Rupert Sanders.And while they briefly seemed to be working things out for the final fans fell head over heels for Ian's portrayal of bad boy vampire Damon, and clearly Nina felt the same way.In this hilarious clip, a reporter asked the pair about their relationship, not realizing they weren't still dating.Vanessa and Josh exchange mortified looks and just barely managed to cobble together a response.

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