Outlook 2016 gal not updating in cached mode

Outlook Social Connector is normal - I have it on my contacts as well.

Microsoft Support has an article on offline address books which may be helpful in this situation..appears you have cached mode turned on (it is by default on the clients) The Outlook Social connector (Free with Outlook 2010/2013) will do what you are asking for.

Also the Update button seems to have to do something with "Outlook Social Connector" - see the other screenshot I added?It scans your contacts and makes updates based on information in the GAL.Hi, I am wanting to populate AD with user photos so they appear in Outlook under the contact card in the GAL and the social connector.Using Code Two Active directory Photos I uploaded one photo as a test.Works great, I can see the attribute populated in AD and see the photo in Outlook 20. As I understand it, Outlook points to AD and caches the photo for that outlook session.

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